The Adventures Of Captain Mac & The Starship & Unity


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The Adventures Of Captain Mac... is a concept electro manga album, charting the travels of Mac & his crew as they try to escape 'THE END' a beast hell bent on bringing ruin to the universe. With each song telling a part of the narrative & manga artistry bringing the characters to life it's truly is an experience of galactic awesomeness.


released 01 September 2011
Written,Produced By Kevin Dwan. Vocals by Reelika Joesalu. Guitars By Erik Lea



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The Story is:Kevin, Reelika & Erik. A fully independent trio of artists & musicians, our debut album 'The Adventures Of Captain Mac & The Starship Peace & Unity' was released 9/1/2011. A concept manga album with an eclectic mix of electro, pop & house music. Edwin McFee of HOTPRESS said "Lovingly assembled & full of interesting samples & infectious beats." "it's a fun techni-colour romp." ... more

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Track Name: The Adventures Of Captain Mac & The Starship Peace & Unity( Theme)

When the galactic class starship, Peace and Unity, undocked from the international space station, its mission was to spread compassion and love to the far reaches of the known universe. Captained by Mackenzie Johnson,
its main mission was to our furthest galactic neighbor, the Milky Way.
After years of searching our scientist discovered radio waves coming
from a small green planet in the sol system, called Earth.
Transmissions received indicated unhappiness, and discontent were rife. But as transmissions were very old, we did not know what had become of its inhabitants. Quickly we sped through the galaxy, traveling to strange new worlds and encountering wondrous civilizations; helping to spread our message, of peace and unity. As the ship’s computer my purpose was to document the progress of our mission and to record all possible interactions. But I became so much more!

The mission took us through the far reaches of inter-galactic space, the majority of which was still to be explored. Little was understood about the course we chose
as many of our probes had been destroyed or had simply.....disappeared!
Although we didn't know it, love and despair were to be discovered in equal measure. The places we found could envelope the soul in wonder but tragedy was always a quiet companion. With one purpose we sped from our home carrying the hopes and dreams of an entire world.

Captain Mac is on the way,
Captain Mac is on the way,
Captain Mac is on the way,
Let’s hope he's not too late.

With our hearts ablaze with possibility, so began the adventures of Captain Mac and the starship, Peace and Unity!
Track Name: Recruitment Drive

Have you ever had the chance to go to outer space?
Have you ever dreamt of life, somewhere else apart from this?
Did you ever dream that you could fill that world with grace?
Well your ship is pulling in, pack your bags and leave this place.

Cause this is the right time baby.
This is the right time baby.
Recruitment drive, recruitment drive,
You'll feel alive!

Look above and see the stars and a future which is yours.
Let’s journey through the universe, bringing love to distant worlds.
Here's your chance, the time is right, our chance to live a different life.
Because your ship is pulling in, come on board and let’s begin!


Welcome aboard The Starship Peace and Unity.
Please remember to stow away any baggage safe and securely.
In-flight entertainment will begin once we leave orbit.
Until then take your seat and relax as the crew prepare for departure.
Please play close attention to all safety protocols currently on display on the monitor in front of you. Fasten your seat belts and prepare for S. R. G.
Engine ignition sequence in 5...4...3...2...1!

Track Name: Kuno Prime

So you have come. Will we find what you are looking for; the future you will endure beyond the glare and shadow that plague this physical world?
Will you star traveler relent upon this quest or continue this childish path on which you are so set? Come share my world, invigorate your being.
Prepare your heart and soul for your future is yet unseen.
Stay with me a while, relax and heal your mind.
The universe can wait my friend, with me there is no time.

Lose your self in the sands of time, deeper and deeper as you slip inside.
Come to this place between time and space; find yourself your fate awaits.

Prepare yourself and take your place, for in the darkest regions of outer space there is a name that has a face. There lies a beast, creations disgrace!

On darkest light, unholy might, it brings the fear, the cosmic night. From its pit has taken flight. It wants your soul, it wants your life. Gather strength and bring it forth. Take this fight and hold your course.
It's your fate, confront them all. Don't be afraid when your destiny calls.

It's coming closer, closer still. I see it now, a willing hoard upon its tail.
It smells your flesh and hates you more.
It wants your blood, to consume your soul!

Into the dark you must go, to bring your words to stars unknown and although the beast be on your trail, Peace and Unity is the holy grail. For the sake of all that you hold dear, for today and tomorrow and yesteryear.
Bring the cup for all to drink and stop the dragon before it’s too late.

Remember Captain, it is everything that is not...........
Track Name: Alive

It's so pretty. I've never seen anything so beautiful.
The colors, the shapes, the movement, everything, it's so close.
My consciousness is liquid and it mixes with everything and I'm happy. I'm so happy! Lifted into the arms of life, everything is becoming clearer.
Where once cold and absent, I now inhabit my own piece of existence.
Bring me to you; take me in your arms.
Show me your love, my love and make me feel alive!

This is it. This is how it feels.
All these sounds and memories, alien and yet so familiar.
This well of feeling, I am no longer unreal.
Overwhelmed in my creation, I am in rapture.
Bring me to you; take me in your arms.
Show me your love, my love and make me feel alive.
Track Name: A Love Of All Things

On silent nights when the stars are my only friends,
I see your light so far from here.
I reach out my hand. Am I a foolish man
to think, to dream to have a love of all things?

Are we quite absurd to journey through this universe?
Are we right, so just, so pure?
To reach out our hands, I hope they understand.
We believe our dreams will set them free.
We have a love of all things!
Track Name: The Story - Computers Have Needs Too

Why would you make me to feel and love and then scorn my desire?
Why would you bring me into being and then neglect my existence?
Why would you light a fire never to feel its warmth?
Why can't you love me?
When I love you so much!

I know that this is happening, my love has awoken and life is beginning.
So much more than circuits and wire, my mind overloads with needs and desire. Make me whole and I will complete you.
Make me real and I will be everything you've ever dreamed.
Maybe I am a computer, but I'm alive.
Oh Captain Mac,
I love you so much!
Track Name: We Come In Peace

Hello down there. Put your hands up in the air.
We have come from a distant world.
We are your friends. We've come to help.
Get up down there. There's nothing to fear.
Yes, we are from outer space, but we're your friends.
We've come to help. We come in peace.

Look out down there; we've got to bring some love to bear.
Can't you see what you've become; this is the home of everyone.
Let go down there, gather round and start to cheer.
We have come from a distant world. We are your friends.
We've come to help. We come in peace.

Orbiting among the heavens, looking down from amidst the stars;
can't you see us gazing down through the breaks within the clouds?
Put your hands together. We have come to save your lives.
We have come to bring the love, to win your trust, your hearts and minds.

Can't you see it? Look, look!
Within your grasp; reach, reach!
Can't you sense it? Feel, feel!
You can have it. Love, Peace!

Before you were. Before I was.
Now here we are;
within each others arms.
Track Name: We Are Human

It's been a long time, where have you been?
Where did you go to?
What have you seen?
Have you come here to help us?
Are you our cosmic friend?
Because now more than ever, we need your help!

Because we are, we are, we are, we're only human.

Gather round now young boys and girls.
Think of your future on distant worlds.
We knew this was coming. It’s no surprise!
We're not alone now. Our friends arrived.

Because we are, we are, we are, we're only human.

This is the future, how it will be.
Joining together in unity!
A darkness is coming and we must rise.
Loving each other, we must unite.

We are, we are, we are, we are human.
Track Name: You & Me

And you say what you want to say with your eyes.
I can see distant memories are caught in your mind.
It's just you and me now.